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I train in three areas - fitness, crossfit, and weightlifting.

Fitness training helps to build a fit and beautiful body and remove excess weight.

The training concept of CrossFit can be called one of the best in the development of general physical fitness. CrossFit training develops strength, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, coordination, accuracy, and also improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Weightlifting is a sport that stands at the origins of the Olympic Movement and is the best fit for the slogan - "faster, higher, stronger".

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Master of Sport Weightlifting Crossfit L1 TRX STC

I completely immersed myself in CrossFit in 2015, passed the international certification (CrossFit L1) and started training sessions. My achievements: - Certified trainer TRX STC - Master of Sports of Russia in Weightlifting - Winner of the Moscow Weightlifting Championship - Winner of the All-Russian competitions - Winner of the Iron League tournament series Heraklion


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Notify of cancellation 12 hours in advance, otherwise the training will be non refundable.

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